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The boyz from MONSTA X are back with their new mini-album ‘NO LIMIT’. This is their first release without Shownu as he’s doing his military enlistment right now.


We start off with ‘Rush Hour’. This is a track that reminds me of early MONSTA X. There’s no end to the amount of energy and power. I love the dynamics between the vocal sections and the rap verses. I feel like they all get so much time to shine and just give it their all. It’s such a dope title track.

‘Autobahn’, the German word for a motorway that usually doesn’t have a speedlimit comes up next. We’re keeping up the high intensity. This feels more electro inspired but has some awesome groove to it as well. You can read the translated lyrics here.

After that we get ‘Ride with U’. We get a groovy synth bass and some disco punk. It’s such an interesting combination. The beat change in the chorus is sick, and what a hype track. The bridge adds some strings to the instrumentation and it’s so dope. Kihyun’s vocals really fit this genre so well.

Next up

‘Got me in chains’ is sexy. The dance R&B track has some very interesting lyrics. The vocals are insane and I.M is going to give Monbebes a heart attack one of these days. Joohoney’s first rap section with his raspy voice is awesome. I am super curious how they’re going to choreograph this.

We follow that up with ‘Just Love’. We’re going a bit slower with this R&B track. The vocals from everyone are great. Minhyuk is a stand-out for me in this one. I love his vocal colour. This is such a smooth listen.

The next track ‘Mercy’ was co-written, composed and arranged by Hyungwon. This track is out of this world! It has such a dramatic flair to it. The orchestral elements add so much to the grand feeling of it. The vocal layering is so well done. Hyungwon comes in when the softness and it all feels so incredibly well balanced.

We close off with ‘I got love’. According to the album description, this track is a continuation of their single ‘Heaven’ from their album ‘One of a kind’. “If ‘Heaven’ is a drive song you listen to in summer, ‘I got love’ is a drive song you can spend warmly in the cold winter. This is a fan song that conveys the feelings of wanting to see the fans during the time they couldn’t meet.”

Overall, ‘NO LIMIT’ by MONSTA X is a really great mini-album that has a variety of genres and displays all of their talents. You can listen to the mini on Spotify here.

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