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K-Drama Review: The Lies Within

We are back with another review! This time we’re featuring the K-Drama ‘The Lies Within’, a sixteen episode drama available on Netflix. 

‘The Lies Within’ is a police drama with a whole lot of intrigue. There’s a lot of scheming and cut of body parts, so if you’re not a fan of gore, beware of that.

The Plot

The detective Jo Tae-Sik, played by Lee Min-Ki who you might know from ‘Because this is my first life’, has to look for Jeon Sang-Hun who is held captive. They’re sending cut of body parts to people from JQ, a company run by his father. 

The female lead is Kim Seo-Hui portrayed by Lee Yoo-Young who won the award for Best New Actress for her role in ‘Your Honor’ in 2018. Kim Seo-Hui is the wife of Jeon Sang-Hun and has a lot on her shoulders. She’s helping the detective to find where her husband is. 

‘The Lies Within’ was fantastic! I really enjoyed the story written by Jeon Young-Shin and Won Yoo-Jung. The director was Lee Yoon-Jung who also directed ‘Argon’. I thought the pacing and the reveal of each layer was really well done. 

What really sold it for me though, was the incredible acting. Though at times I was incredibly frustrated by some of the characters and how they dealt with some information, a really big kudos goes to the actors. 

The last twenty minutes of the sixteenth episode had me crying buckets. What a soft, soft ending to what portrayed some of the worst of humanity. 

I would really recommend watching this if you enjoyed ‘My Mister’ and ‘Stranger’. Though it’s pretty hard to reach that level of perfection, I think the K-Drama ‘The Lies Within’ did a pretty solid job.   

Take a look at the trailer:

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