Photo credits: James An

James An comes back with ‘Dog’s Desire’

Hip-Hop artist James An is finally back with his new single album ‘Dog’s Desire’. This double single is a pre-release for his upcoming debut album ‘I Have No Friends and I Must Party’ which will come out at the beginning of May.

‘Dog’s Desire’ contains the two singles ‘A streetcar named Desire‘ featuring Donna Goldn and the track ‘Sasha‘.

‘A streetcar named Desire’ is smooth like a glass of bourbon. The R&B is a total vibe and the combination of the two vocals are a delight. The synths are going places in the instrumentals to create an immaculate ambience.

The second single is ‘Sasha’, after his dog. This is such a laidback, easy-going track. Donna’s vocals are also featured on the chorus. According to An: “This song is about the relationship I have with my dog of 7 years, Sasha. I wanted to express the bittersweet imbalance of the relationship between a pet and its owner, and better understand Sasha by writing from her perspective.”

If you’re curious to learn more about James An, you can read our interview with him here.

You can find the single album ‘Dog’s Desire’ by James An on Spotify here.

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