Photo credits: Kim Na Eun

Ode To The Artist: Kim Na Eun

We’re back with a new Ode To The Artist and this time we’re featuring Kim Na Eun. Let’s dive into her discography!


Kim debuted in 2014 with the trio Parasol and their self-tited mini-album. You can find Kim playing the guitar.

The year after they dropped their full-length album ‘Someday’.

In 2016 they released ‘Pillow and Ceiling’.

Their second full-length album ‘A person who is nothing’ came out the following year. Sadly I couldn’t find this one on Spotify.

Kim Na Eun debuted solo in 2018 with the release of her EP ‘Perfect Woman’.

She released several singles and single albums until 2020 with the release of her full-length album ‘Two Dreams’.

Two years later, in 2022 Kim dropped her next album ‘Carousel’.

The year after she also released the reposessed version of her previous singles in a compilation album ‘Reposession’. In 2023 she came out with her EP ‘Love=Survive’.

And then of course, her most recent comeback came in the shape of the EP ‘The fall of civilization’ which brings us back to basics with her great guitar work.

Check out her full discography here.

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