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Rapper In The Spotlight: JEY

In this edition of Rapper In The Spotlight, we’re shining a light on the dynamic career of JEY, an idol trainee turned independent rapper whose journey through the music industry has been a total ride.

Jung Jinhyeong, known by his stage name JEY, first stepped into the limelight as a trainee under YG Entertainment, gaining recognition through his appearance on the 2014 survival show MIX & MATCH.

Although he didn’t secure a spot in the final debut lineup, JEY’s passion for music persevered, leading him to embark on his solo career in 2017 with the release of his debut single ‘Calling You.’ This was followed by the infectious track ‘Tru,’ featuring the talents of Sik-K.

First EP

After his debut he took some time and came back in 2019 with his first EP ‘SOAR’, produced by GXXD, and with features by Sik-K and Ryan Hemsworth.

The momentum continued with the release of his single album ‘Trace,’ showcasing collaborations with Moon Sujin and Coogie, alongside the catchy joint effort ‘DONE’ with vangdale and Goopy.

In 2020, JEY unleashed the powerful singles ‘Lies’ featuring pH-1 and Sik-K, and ‘Recall,’ further solidifying his position in the rap scene.

His second EP ‘Whimsical’ was released in 2021, the release included features by Theo, Blase, and included the pre-released single ‘Lies’. During this same year he also released the special single ‘When You Ready’ featuring JWord. 

JEY’s 2022, was marked with the release of the two single albums ‘11:59’ and ‘Dirty’, which were followed by his third EP ‘Contact’. 

Latest releases 

In 2023, JEY showcased his versatility with the release of his fourth EP ‘Contact,’ featuring collaborations with Sik-K and Moon Sujin. His most recent offering, the soul-stirring single ‘CLOSE2U,’ further demonstrates his evolution as an artist.

Dive into JEY’s discography here, and keep an eye on his upcoming releases and gigs here.

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