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K-Variety Taster: Lee Mujin Service

In this week’s edition of K-Variety Taster, we’re immersing ourselves in the harmonious world of ‘Lee Mujin Service‘, a captivating live music talk show that’s stealing hearts one melody at a time.

Brought to life by KBS Kpop, ‘Lee Mujin Service‘ is led by the talented singer-songwriter Lee Mu-jin, who takes centre stage as the charismatic host. Since its debut in 2022, marked by the presence of (G)I-DLE’s Minnie as the inaugural guest, the show has evolved into a musical journey unlike any other.

The essence of ‘Lee Mujin Service’ unfolds across three distinct sections, where guests unveil their musical treasures through heartfelt performances and candid conversations. From sharing insights into their latest comebacks to reminiscing about their musical journeys, each segment offers a glimpse into the artist’s soul.

What sets ‘Lee Mujin Service‘ apart is its grand finale – a soul-stirring duet between the host and the guest, where melodies intertwine and emotions run high, creating an unforgettable musical experience. 

This innovative format has garnered a lot of popularity,  propelling the show to three successful seasons and securing its status as a must-watch for music fans. The guest roster reads like a who’s who of the industry, with idol group members and rising soloists gracing the stage with their presence.

From the debut season, where idols from Stray Kids, TXT, Monsta X, and more took centre stage, to the star-studded second season featuring BTS, NCT, TWICE, and EXO, ‘Lee Mujin Service’ has consistently delivered exceptional performances and heartfelt conversations. 

In its current season, which so far has eighteen mesmerising episodes, the spotlight shines on artists like MEENOI, BIBI, and BIGBANG’s DAESUNG, who showcased their musical prowess and leave audiences spellbound.

With 112 episodes (and counting) and two awards to its name, ‘Lee Mujin Service’ has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, serving as a centre of artistic expression and promotion of music. Each episode showcases the talent, passion, and dedication of the artists who take its stage, leaving a mark on viewers’ hearts. Watch below a few of our favourite episodes, and stay tuned for upcoming collaborations here

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