About Us

M.E.A.L. is about music, entertainment and lifestyle. Here at M.E.A.L. we have bonded over our love for music, art and other shared interests. We hope we can extend that to all of you, our readers. We want M.E.A.L. to become a community that has a collective open mindedness to try out new things, listen to new music and get to know new forms of art that we’ve become passionate about. 

Our goal is to bring original content that crosses boundaries and reaches people looking for something new regardless of gender, culture, social norms or language. We want to show you how diverse art can be in all its forms. We’ll make it easy to understand, easy to digest, easy to enjoy. 

Good art is everywhere, you just have to find the right pathways to it. We hope that M.E.A.L. can become that for you.