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[Review] BM – Element

BM from KARD is back with new music, this time he’s ready to stun with his new EP ‘Element’. We’re super stoked, so let’s go!


We start off the EP with ‘Embers’. This Afropop track really begs you to dance along. The beat is awesome, BM combines both melodic rap with a bit of singing and makes for a lovely combo.

Next up is the title track ‘Nectar’ featuring Jay Park. We’re sticking with the Afrobeats and the laidback vibe. I really enjoyed the strings in the backing track.

‘Loyalty’ takes us back to clubs in the 2000s with the Latin groove. The guitar is a whole vibe and a half and I’m loving this sweltering New York in the summer vibe. This is a bop! I also enjoyed the more fast paced rapping.

Next up is ‘Motion‘. We start off with a sick intro. I laughed out loud reading this album description: “The passionate time between a man and a woman is expressed by clever use of the subject matter of ‘movement’, as the title suggests.” This entire song is +18 and it is hilarious.

The closing track is ‘Badgirl Badboy’ featuring Somin from KARD. I’m living for this duo so this was a fun listen. Somin is an underappreciated idol, so I’m happy to see them thriving.

You can listen to ‘Element’ by BM on Spotify here.

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