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Actor Spotlight: Seo Ye-Ji

We’re back with a new Actor Spotlight, this time we’re writing about the stunning, amazing Seo Ye-Ji.

The actress, born in 1990 has been around in K-dramas since 2013 with her debut acting role in ‘Potato Star 2013QR3’.

In 2015, she starred in the music video for BIG BANG’s ‘Let’s not fall in love’ and she rose to stardom ever since.

A little fun fact, Seo Ye-Ji is fluent in Spanish because she studied for her Major Journalism in Spain! Feel free to look up a clip on YouTube because it’s utterly adorable.


Seo Ye-Ji has starred in some amazing K-dramas. She had a cameo in ‘Another Miss Oh’ and she played a princess in ‘Hwarang’. 

Her lead role in ‘Save Me’ was simply outstanding and in my opinion she totally aced that one. If you want to read our full review for this drama, you can find that here. After this role, she played a fierce lawyer in ‘Lawless Lawyer’. If you look up badass female lead compilations on YouTube she’ll most likely be in it. She was amazing in that one. 

Her latest K-drama was a global phenomenon. She played the lead role in ‘It’s okay to not be okay’ and frankly, I’m in love. Go check out our review for that one! Seo Ye-Ji manages to bring out the layered, complex character easily. 

The latest film she was in was the 2019 ‘By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture’ and I’ve been wanting to see that movie since I saw the trailer. It kind of looks insane and I’m living for it. 

Here’s the trailer.

Seo Ye-Ji has an amazing ability to choose her roles. Most of her characters are diverse and three dimensional. They have interesting inner lives and most of the time, they’re quite badass. 

In 2020 she signed with the same agency that Kim Soo Hyun is under; Gold Medalist. 

That’s it for this Actor Spotlight. I think we can all agree that Seo Ye-Ji is really talented and I’m sure she has an amazing career ahead of her and even more interesting roles for us to watch.

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