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[Dance Crew] Just Jerk

We’re back with a new Dance Crew feature, this time introducing Just Jerk Crew. They’re famous internationally and it’s well deserved. 

Just Jerk was founded in 2010 by Young J and J Ho and since 2014 they’ve been winning awards left and right. Currently they have 19 official members. You can find a video for each of the members on their website here

The first video I ever saw by them was this one, when they were winning first place for this insane choreo.

They competed on America’s Got Talent with this choreo and ended up in the Quarter Finals.

You might have seen them perform this during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Just Jerk’s first ever win came with their performance on FEEDBACK COMPETITION.

The members even made it to national television with their participation on ‘Dancing High’. They were one of the coaches. One of the members of their team was Junseo who is part of the idol group DKB. The team Just Jerk ended up winning the competition.

In 2020 they won first place with their choreo and performance for the HARU Competition. This performance is on another level man. It feels like they used CGI and special effects but in real life?! 

Dance Studio

They also have a dance studio where they teach and share their knowledge and skills with other dancers. Recently they’re also planning on holding online classes. If you’re interested, go check out their Instagram for more info.

The dance crew Just Jerk doesn’t just create choreos for themselves. They’ve also made choreos for the boygroup CIX.

You can spot them in the video for JAMIE’s ‘Numbers’.

As a way of closing the article, I’m sharing one last video where they performed together with PSY during one of his concerts because, honestly that’s iconic.

Go check out their YouTube Channel!

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