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Ode To The Artist: Elaine Kim

For this month’s Ode To The Artist I was itching to write about Elaine. 

I discovered her music a while ago while letting the autoplay of Youtube work its magic.

For me, there is a little bit of magic in Elaine’s voice. At the same time it sounds fragile and strong, haunting and uplifting, warm and sad. 

Elaine is a Korean-American singer-songwriter mostly known for her gorgeous OSTs. She has songs for ‘Mr. Sunshine’,  ‘Vagabond’, ‘WWW’ and ‘I’m not a robot’. Those are all huge, extremely popular dramas from the last couple of years.

The girl can sing! And write!

To be honest, I can’t find a whole lot of information about her. But I think this time, the music can speak for itself. 

In January of this year she participated in the Korean variety show: ‘I Can See Your Voice’ where the panel had to guess if she was a singer or not. They were all baffled when they heard her voice. Check out the clip, it has English subtitles.

In 2018 she released her first album ‘1’. The song ‘Falling’ is the first song I’d ever heard of her and that’s what made me check out the entire album. That album made me feel so many things. 

Some songs to get to know her a little better:

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