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[Review] TOZ – TO my new friends

There’s a new boygroup in town! TOZ released their official debut mini-album ‘TO my new friends’. Let’s check it out together!

TO my new friends

We start off with the title track ‘NU SHOES’. This is such a fun track! I’m really digging the hook with all of its grooviness and the tapping on the glass is such a GREAT addition. I love how playful this is. Honestly, fantastic debut track.

‘Turning Point’ is up next and we continue with the fresh concept. I enjoyed the layering of the instrumentals a lot. The rap verse was cool and fun and the whistles added to the backing track add a lot of charm.

The following track is ‘hello to my world’. This is an R&B pop dance track with an 808 bass. I like the cheerful synth and just how adorable this is. The cutesy vibe and the deep 808 bass are a bit of an interesting combination, but it works and I’m curious to see the choreo for this.

‘UNIVERSE’ is up next. We’re going pop rock in this one. Here’s what the album description wrote about this track: “It is a song about unfolding dreams in a dark universe and taking a leap into the light.” The synth they added in the back was a super fun addition.

The closing track is ‘Agit’. This is a mid tempo pop ballad with a warm acoustic guitar and a wholesome message of wanting to become each other’s comfort. This is super sweet, well produced and has lovely vocals. That falsetto was sick!

Overall ‘TO my new friends’ by TOZ is a great debut mini-album. Go ahead and check it out here on Spotify.

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