Photo Credits: PHUNKY STUDIO


FANTASY BOYS just released their third mini-album ‘MAKE SUNSHINE‘, this release screams summer with its concept and we are ready to be refreshed by it. Let’s start!


The title track ‘Pitter-Patter-Love‘ kicks-off this EP with a pop-dance arrangement that is indeed quite summery and extra cute. This song is a total bop and it gets better with the first love concept of the music video, they keep it adorable and innocent, with fun shots that are full of playfulness and pretty visuals. Check it below.

Make Sunshine‘ follows next and keeps the energy up in a lovely up-beat pop single, with refreshing tunes and charming singing, perfect for those into sweet singing that borderlines bubblegum kpop.

The emotions run high in ‘Feeling‘, this song includes passionate singing and an EDM beats mix that is quite fascinating to listen to, an an outro that left us totally hanging and waiting for more.

This EP meets its end with the acoustic version of the title song.

FANTASY BOYS’ third mini-album was indeed a mix a summery single with a core full of youth. Check it out here.

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