Photo credits: CompanySOOSOO

[Review] Doh Kyung Soo – Blossom

Our boy D.O aka Doh Kyung Soo is back with his third mini-album ‘Blossom’. Let’s take a closer look at this comeback.


We start off with the title track ‘Mars’. This is such a cute and warm mid-tempo pop track. I love D.O’s soft vocals and the beautiful storytelling of the music video. Honestly this is just too cute.

Next up is ‘Simple Joys’. This is a lovely track with a great Latin rhythm. I really enjoyed the claps and the ocarina in the instrumentals. Check out this wholesome description of the track’s meaning: “tells a story about the happiness felt through ordinary things in everyday life.”

After that we get the pre-released ‘Popcorn’ which we wrote about here.

Next up is ‘Good Night’ which is a lullaby for when you’re tossing and turning due to anxiety. I’m thoroughly enjoying the ambience of this track and how the echoey instrumental creates such a wide, open space. This is stunning!

‘My Dear’ is an acoustic pop track with a lovely warm guitar. It’s a cute track that speaks about the experience of preparing to confess your love to someone. It’s adorable and I love the small scale of this track.

The closing track is ‘About Time’. This pop ballad has some really great layering which creates a very cool effect. We’re going Sad for this one and it creates a very gentle ending.

Overall ‘Blossom’ by Doh Kyung Soo is fantastic, and definitely worth a listen. Check it out here on Spotify.