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Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to another round of the hottest singles of the week, packed with thrilling comebacks, dazzling debuts, and even adorable collaborations. Let’s dive straight into the rhythm!

First up, UKISS makes a triumphant return with their latest single, ‘Morse Code’. Keeping true to their second-gen roots, the group delivers a comeback that’s sure to delight fans craving their signature sound.

Next on the lineup is none other than Doh Kyung Soo, aka. D.O., who released solo music under a new agency with the pre-release single, ‘Popcorn’. As anticipation builds for his upcoming mini-album, this marks the dawn of an exciting new chapter in his solo career.

Shifting gears to something sweeter, the lovely ladies of WOOAH join forces with Secret Jouju for the enchanting single, ‘Secret Princess’. Brace yourselves for an adorable overload with this charming collaboration!

Last but certainly not least, former The Boyz member HYUNJUN steps into the spotlight with his solo debut single album, ‘Backseat’. Serving up smooth R&B vibes and sweet vocals, he kicks off his solo journey with style

That wraps up this week’s singles roundup! Drop a comment below and let us know which track stole your heart. 

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