[Review]ASC2NT – Expecting Tomorrow

ASC2NT is the latest boy group debut under NEWWAYS COMPANY. Consisting of Kram, Injun, Jay, Reon and Kyle, this group is ready to take the stage and show their talent.

Their debut single album ‘Expecting Tomorrow‘ includes a mix of three singles and an English version that make the start of their career!

The Reason‘ opens up this release with beautiful piano instruments and delicate singing. The vocals in this song are STRONG, with solid harmonies and a lot of feel. This single is very short and left us hanging and wanting to listen the rest of the song.

The title track ‘LOVE ME DO‘ comes up next with a funky pop rhythm and a summery vibe. The singing in this song is fantastic, with the members showing off all the passion and unique groove. The music video not only introduces this quintet visuals but also shows off the performing skills with dope dance sequences. Watch it below.

Beautiful Girl‘ is next and bring serious 2nd generation R&B ballad vibes, with incredible singing and a minimalistic arrangement that makes listener really appreciate the quality of the vocals and talent of this group.

Closing this debut single album is the English version of the title track.

ASC2NT debut single album is definitely a very pretty listen, and we are already looking forward for a hopefully longer release. This release is not available in Spotify yet, but keep an eye in their site for updates.