Kpop Guide: Dublin, IE Edition

What I really like about Dublin is that you can always find new places. There are constantly new shops opening, but I never expected to find a K-pop shop in the heart of the city.

For this edition of ‘K-Pop in’ we are showing you the only shop in Dublin (at the time of writing this) that sells merch, albums and many more goods that any K-pop fan will like to own.

‘Rare’ is a shop located in George’s Street Arcade in Dublin 2. It has a wide range of merch despite the size of the shop. In this little gem you can find you mainly mainstream group photocards, lightsticks, pins, albums and many other things to add to your K-collection. 

Take a look at part of their range in this pics:

Bonus hint: There is also a small kiosk in the same side as Rare that sells posters of some mainstream groups.

I hope that many more shops like this one continue to open in Dublin city, and if you know of any other shop in town let us know!