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E’LAST is back with their first full album ‘EVERLASTING’, it has ben a few years since their debut and this release is definitely a highly awaited one by the fans. Let’s get right into it and check the music!


Intro Dystopia‘ opens up this release on a magical note, with beautiful instrumentals and a change of pace that are drawing listeners into the musical journey that this album is about to become. The title track ‘Gasoline‘ takes over next with power beats and a EDM driven track that goes off hard, the music video for this song is a full movie by itself, marked by a dystopian reality, the search for hope, and the members pulling some impressive acting skills. Watch it below.

i‘ comes up next to keep to balance things out with more a more laid back track, cool vocals, harmonies and a passionate verse delivery. ‘Addiction‘ brings EDM beats with serious early 2nd gen vibes, this track goes on the more passionate side, with a touch of harmonic rapping and cool mixing.

Cinematic instrumentals open up ‘Fade Out‘ and continue building up to deliver a very interesting listening experience, this track includes very sharp changes of rhythm that had us on edge and expecting the next big drop, definitely a super dope listen for those into musical surprises.

The first album

The second half begin with ‘Dark Light‘, this pop single runs on the more angsty side with fantastic instrumental loops and great singing. ‘Candy Shop‘ takes over with hype vibes and a dope EDM arrangement, the sectioning in this track is AMAZING, and had us totally vibing to it.

We keep the smooth electronica concept with ‘Rewind‘, for this one they tone hype beat down but still deliver strong vocals and rapping, the EDM arrangement in this song is quite alternative but it a an experience to listen to.

You‘ comes along to soften listeners heart in a ballad singing with pristine singing and minimalistic orchestration that is beautiful to listen to. Last in this album is ‘Forever and one‘, ending this release of a soft-rock tone, the perfect end for this album.

E’LAST went experimental and bold with this release, the mix was definitely one of a kind with a lot of BASS and EDM driven tracks that made this album a fun and surprising listen. Make sure to check it out here.

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