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[Review] Ha Sung Woon – Electrified : Urban Nostalgia

Ha Sung Woon is back with his new mini-album ‘Electrified : Urban Nostalgia’. Let’s take a closer look!

Electrified : Urban Nostalgia

We start off with the track ‘Back To You’. The electro-pop track feels quite emotional. Ha Sung Woon’s vocals are lovely and I really enjoyed how they layered it with the effects. The synths create a very nostalgic feel and overall, this is just a super nice track.

After that we get the title track ‘Electrified’. We’re going retro pop with cool synths and a funky guitar riff. The bass is super lovely. His vocals in the chorus are lovely and the multiple effects are really well implemented. ‘Electrified’ is a funky bop that begs for a road trip with your friends.

‘Fairy Tale’ is an R&B ballad. Ha Sung Woon utilizes his falsetto so well in this track. The twangy guitars in the back create a very cool ambience. It’s a super smooth track. It’s well balanced and begs for multiple repeats.

We close off with ‘Love Sound’ featuring Rauas. According to the album description: “confession to the fans who have always been with him with undeserved love”. The track has a retro feel to it, with kind of a Christmas vibe as well. It’s giving me Christmas confession themes. It’s adorable.

Overall, ‘Electrified : Urban Nostalgia’ by Ha Sung Woon is a lovely listen. You can find the mini on Spotify here.

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