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Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to the sizzling world of K-pop, where this week, idols reign supreme with phenomenal comebacks and rookies making their grand entrance. Let’s dive into the hottest releases!

Kicking off the week, GreatGuys graced us with their single album ‘Deep In Love.’ A joyous listen filled with impeccable vocals and a contagious groove, this comeback stands out as one of our top picks from GreatGuys. It’s a must-check for any K-pop enthusiast.

Next up, the rookie group CMDM entered the scene with their debut digital single ‘OUR STORY.’ Taking a softer pop approach, the track features delightful vocals and charming instrumentals. What steals the spotlight is the retro vibe, adding a heartwarming touch to the overall experience.

A.C.E. delivered the pre-release single ‘Effortless‘ ahead of their much-anticipated sixth mini-album. Sung entirely in English, the song captivates with outstanding vocals, emotional depth, and a captivating beat composition. ‘Effortless’ has set the bar high, leaving us eagerly anticipating the full EP.

Closing the week, the long-missed Bang Yedam (former TREASURE member) made a triumphant return with his solo debut under CF Entertainment, presenting the single ‘Miss You.’ Yedam poured his heart and soul into this acoustic masterpiece, showcasing his distinctive vocal power and a plethora of emotions. This solo debut marks a significant comeback, and we’re thrilled to witness Yedam’s solo career flourish.

That concludes our roundup of this week’s hot singles. Join us next week for a fresh batch of releases, and don’t forget to share your favorite in the comments!