High School Romance tangled with…

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Here’s a Brand New High-Teen Noir Romance
TV series ‘Under the Gun’, starring ZU HO (from SF9) premiered on April 12, in 180 countries by VIU, Rakuten Viki, LifetimeKorea and more.’Under the Gun’ takes place in a Texas hold’em pub. Ko Gun (ZU HO) is the son of a legendary poker player, but gets exiled by cheating. After that, he meets Cha Seyoung (Jo Soomin). The drama shows teenagers’ dreams and reality, love and friendship, and human desire.
Many artists participated in the OST. Check HYOLYN, ZU HO, D-Hack and BLOO’s OSTs!

HYOLYN – Fade Away (Part.1)

HYOLYN, the former member of SISTAR, is well known for her vocal skills and unique tone. She participated in various OSTs like ‘Goodbye (My Love From the Star)’ and ‘Crazy of you (Master’s sun)’.

ZU HO, Jo Soomin – Here I Stay (Part.2)

ZU HO, member of K-Pop boy band SF9, who took the main role in the drama also participated in the OST. ‘Here I Stay’ is the main casts ZU HO and Jo Soomin’s duet.

D-Hack – LMM (Part.3)

D-Hack, who hit ‘OHAYO MY NIGHT’ 2 years ago, sung ‘LMM (Losing My Mind)’ with cartoonic vibes, on the Kawaii Future Bass based trap beat.

Photo credits: Music&New

The Bowls – Knock
– Pedro Resende from Tahiti 80 produced this grape flavored song!

sucozy – I Didn’t Like The Way I Do
– Sometimes you do the last thing you’d ever do.

Seoul Dabansa – baby blue (Feat. Eight’O)
– Baby blue is the color of spring night

Youngjun – Still Here
– The original version of SUPER JUNIOR – K.R.Y’s ‘I Can’t'(2020).

Photo credits: Music&New

The 7 year-old Band GIFT, consisting of Lee Ju Hyuk (Vox, E.Guitar), Kim Hyungwoo (Bass) and Jung Hui Gyeom (Drum), sings about youth. All three memebers have passed 30, and this is their first album after that. They got more honest about themselves and it is fully expressed on their new EP [靑春, FANTASY].

‘From The Bottom Of My Heart(난 너에게)’ is sort of a reply to their most loved song  You are to me(넌 나에게)’. By ‘Remind’, GIFT explains that youth isn’t only beautiful but also sorrowful. They express the ambivalence with the twinkling band sound.

GIFT made a debut in 2018, releasing [Heart Of Midnight]. The band was actually first formed in 2016, and they performed at Hongdae streets, making their own name in the indie scene.

This video of the band covering Jason Mraz’s ‘I Won’t Give Up’ has reached 40 million views! They proved their musicality by appearing on various competitions including ‘Asian Beat-Yamaha in Tokyo’, ‘All That Music X Indiestance’, ‘Super Band’ and ‘Sing Again’, ‘Folk Us’.

GIFT – From Mark (Ha Dong Qn) @Folk Us (Mnet)