Photo credits: MODHAUS

[Review] TripleS – ASSEMBLE 24

The girls from TripleS are all coming together for their first full length album ‘ASSEMBLE 24’. As you might expect from the title there are 24 members, so this is going to be a fun ride!


We open the album with the intro track ‘S’. We’re going for hard rock with an absolutely sickening guitar intro. This is groovy and cool and a great way to open the album.

Next up is the title track ‘Girls never die’. This is a pop rock track with a groovy backing track and great vocal work stacked together. The synths are great, as are some of the vocal distortions. ‘Girls never die’ is a great dynamic track that just works and is a treat to listen to.

Definitely check out the music video because this is stunning!

Next up is ‘Heart Raider’. This is an adorable synth pop track with a catchy hook and sick beat. Honeslty this was a fantastic listen.

‘Midnight Flower’ comes along with a great intro and a rock vibe. Kim NaKyoung, one of the members is listed as a co-writer. This is a really cool track.

White Soul Sneakers’ brings a different kind of beat. This continues the story of ‘Black Soul Dress’ and borrows its theme and beat. I’m really loving this single, it’s a vibe and has some really cool effects.

Next up is ‘Healing’ which is an R&B track. According to the album description this “is a healing song with the theme that spring will definitely come after winter and that warm days will come if you endure the cold season.” It’s sweet, lovely and warm.

’24’ brings back producer GDLO who worked on ‘Rising’ as well. This is just such a good track. I’m digging the brass in the instrumentals and the wacko synths in the backing. It’s fresh, has fun rap verses and an outpouring of charisma. 10/10!

‘Beyond the Beyond’ goes a bit darker with its sound. Again we get some sexy brass and woodwind thrown in the backing track, together with awesome synths and great vocal stacking. Jaden Jeong, of LOONA fame, is credited as co-lyricist.

‘Non Scale’ has a bit of hyper pop going for it which I’m totally here for. This is girl group core with a lot of heart. This is adorable.

The closing track is ‘Dimension’. The first version of this came out on ‘Access’ by AAA. This version has all of the members together which is adorable. This is still a bop.

Overall, ‘this ‘ASSEMBLE 24’ is one dope album by TripleS. Go check it out on Spotify here.