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Korean Hip-Hop/R&B Discovery – April 24

Welcome back to a new month in our Hip-Hop and R&B disKovery, in this edition we handpicked some artists that definitely surprised us with the uniqueness, freshness and coolness of their drops. Let’s start!

H3re and her latest mini-album ‘Missed Me?’, captivated us with its flawless electronica and R&B mix, she has been around since 2021 and we were missing out on her unique tone and musical style. Listen to this masterpiece here, and keep an eye on her upcoming release here

Another R&B find with smooth music is LIMZY, he released the song ‘Call you’ this month and caught us with a beautiful done mix and arrangement on this single that worked as an opener for his discography. Check this release here, and check his instagram for more updates. 

Fairly known in the industry but definitely new for us is the producing duo 92914, they released the single ‘Pasadena’, and had us totally vibing to soft but smooth music. Check their discography here, and follow them on Instagram for music updates. 

Last but not least, MOIM released the EP ‘Normal’, this release is packed in lo-fi/R&B vibes and heavenly singing, a must listen for those who are looking for great singing and fantastic music. Listen to this release here, and check his Instagram to keep up with his music and enjoy stunning aesthetics.

That’s a wrap for our April’s Hip-Hop and R&B disKovery, let us know in the comments below which one was your favourite music find, and listen to our top releases of the month here

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