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[Review] Bang Yedam – ONLY ONE

After releasing his pre-release single ‘Miss You’ a couple of weeks ago, Bang Yedam is back with his debut solo mini-album. Entirely produced and written by him, ‘ONLY ONE’ sets the beginning of a new era for Yedam, and we are more than thrilled to listen to what he has prepared.

Let’s dive in!


The titular track, ‘ONLY ONE,’ initiates the album with a captivating R&B/pop vibe and intricate instrumentation. Yedam’s vocals, brimming with passion and a touch of playfulness, seamlessly align with the conceptual depth and lyrics of this single.

The accompanying music video is a delightful visual production, adorned with charming special effects, portraying Yedam in an endearing light as he delivers his soulful performance.

Following is ‘hebeolle,’ introducing a more contemporary sound and refreshing vibes. The track’s dynamic arrangement, packed with delightful surprises, creates a cool and vibey listening experience.

Come To Me‘ seamlessly blends EDM and pop, offering a summery atmosphere filled with vibrant colors and tunes that invite listeners to groove. The impeccable vocal layering enhances the song’s flow, creating a smooth and enjoyable auditory journey.

Next up is the rock version of the pre-release single ‘Miss You’, giving even more emotions that its piano one. ‘Not At All‘ is next with a refreshing mix of instrumentals and beats, featuring fantastic composition and Yedam’s impressive rap delivery.

Closing this release is the piano version of ‘Miss You,’ concluding the album on a heartwarming and beautiful note that resonates with the listener’s emotions.

Yedam’s solo debut in ‘ONLY ONE’ is a treasure trove of delightful surprises, making this release an absolute must-listen. Don’t miss out on the magic and make sure to check it out here.

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