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First Look: RIIZE Unveils ‘RIIZING’ Mini-Album Preview!

Monster rookies RIIZE just released the preview of their upcoming mini-album ‘RIIZING’, including the viral pre-release single ‘Impossible’ and their pre-debut hit ‘SIREN’. In this sneak peak they also included the singles ‘9 Days’, ‘Honesty’ and the fan single ‘One Kiss’.

Starting things off we get the epic song ‘Siren’, which is followed by ‘Impossible’, starting this preview with fan-favourite tunes. ‘9 Days‘ comes up next and takes listeners to a listening trip with a dreamy synth and fantastic sectioning, the members SHINE throughout this song and we loved the build up in it.

Mixing R&B and pop ‘Honestly‘ takes over with amazing beats and a smooth flow that had us totally vibing to this song. The vocals line really delivers in this song with great ad-libs, and stunning harmonies.

Last in this preview is ‘One Kiss‘, a romantic single with lovely instrumentation and a first generation feel that only made us feel nostalgic. Definitely a beautiful listen.

As is BRIIZE couldn’t be more spoiled, they also released music videos for two of the singles, both documenting their adventures in Portugal, whilst giving-off serious 90s heartthrob vibes. Watch them below.

While we wait for their upcoming album, make sure to stream this special release here, and let us know in the comments which one is your favourite single.

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