Photo Credits: SSQ Entertainment

DXMON makes their first comeback with ‘HYPERSPACE 911’

Rookie group DXMON released their first single album ‘HYPERSPACE 911‘. They are back after only a few months since their debut EP ‘HYPERSPACE’.

Even though we jumped slightly late on this debut, this group has been steadily growing their following with their amazing sound and the on-of-a-kind concept and aesthetic of their debut era. If you are still unfamiliar with this group, they are signed under SSQ Entertainment, and consist of MinjaeSeitaHeeTKRex, and Jo.

For this release they completely changed the visuals and concept in comparison to their debut. Let’s dive into the music and check what they have prepared for their very first comeback.

Opening up with the title track ‘Girls, Love boys, Love girls‘, this release surprises fans with a lovely soft synth-pop vibe, the singing and flow in this song is lovely and it only gets cutter with the music video and its 90s’ school aesthetics, vintage edition and graphics. Watch it below.

Vitamin You‘ follows with rhythmic rapping, harmonies and a great mix of synth and drums. This composition in this song is a total vibe and we loved the laid back and easy going feel to it!

This single album reaches its end with ‘Feel The Vxbe‘ and its fantastic hip-hop sound. With a dope mix of trendy singing and old-school hip-hop inspired delivery, this track is the cherry on top, elevating even more this comeback.

DXMON first single album is fresh and fun, and a total non-skip. Make sure to check it out here.

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