Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

aespa unleashes the pre-release song ‘Supernova’

aespa returns with their electrifying pre-release single ‘Supernova’, teasing fans ahead of their highly anticipated first album.

This hyper-pop track is a sonic explosion of catchy tunes, showcasing the group’s unparalleled vocal prowess and signature tempo changes and beat drops that define their unique sound.

In the music video, aespa delivers a visual spectacle, featuring stunning cinematography that highlights their mesmerising visuals, captivating effects, CGI elements, vibey choreography, and even supernatural powers. With so much to unpack, this MV promises a feast for the eyes and ears alike. Watch it below.

We are definitely looking forward to their first mini-album, we are sure it’ll be one of a kind. Listen to this single here.

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