Photo Credits: HOLLAND


In this edition of our music video recommendation, we’re diving into the mesmerising world of HOLLAND’s single, ‘NUMBER BOY‘. As an emerging icon in the music scene, HOLLAND has been steadily captivating audiences with his unique blend of music and concept.

Released last year, ‘NUMBER BOY‘ showcases HOLLAND’s venture into a more alternative vibe, with a hauntingly beautiful flow that perfectly complements the song’s emotive core. However, it’s the accompanying music video that truly elevates the experience.

Featuring stellar performances and cameo appearances from familiar faces, the ‘NUMBER BOY‘ music video delves into the depths of numbness and emotional detachment. HOLLAND skillfully portrays the struggle against societal labels and the yearning for authenticity and freedom.

Through a series of diverse settings, HOLLAND confronts the relentless scrutiny of the public eye while expressing his desire for genuine self-expression. With striking visuals, glittering aesthetics, and boundless beauty, he takes viewers on a captivating visual journey, leaving interpretation and emotion in the hands of the audience.

Dive into this captivating production below and immerse yourself in the artistry of HOLLAND’s ‘NUMBER BOY‘.

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