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[Review] 82MAJOR – BEAT by 82

82MAJOR is back with their first EP ‘BEAT by 82‘, this group debuted last year with the single album ‘ON‘, let’s take a closer look at the music and concept the have prepared for their very first comeback.

BEAT by 82

The title track ‘Choke‘ opens up this release with an urban/hip-hop style. The bass in this song is pure power and makes the vocals and rapping in this single stand out. The flow in this track is sick, with a very catchy hook, and super smooth bridge, a solid title song! The music video only makes this song cooler with not only edgy visuals, but also the members killing it with a tight choreo and even a basketball match. Watch in below.

Pop beats with a R&B touch takes over in ‘Birthday‘ with incredible vocal layering and a vibey beat arrangement. The melody and mixing in this song are fantastic, and from start to end keep the smoothness and one-of-a-kind style.

Illegal‘ comes up next to delight fans with the full version of the performance single they released last year. This track shows pure coolness with its sick rhythms and the rap-line does a fantastic job with their verses.

Closing this EP is the single ‘82‘, co-written by the members, this track is a total hype song, with dope hip-hop beats and a sick flow. it was pre-released during their debut showcase and we finally got its digital version!

82MAJOR released a solid first EP, showing their amazing talent and fresh style. Make sure to check out this release here.

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