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The boys from ENHYPEN are back with their latest mini-album ‘DARK MOON SPECIAL ALBUM <MEMORABILIA>’. Let’s take a closer look!


They open up the album with the track ‘One in a billion’ which was originally released last year.

The same goes for ‘CRIMINAL LOVE’.

Next up is the title track ‘Fatal Trouble‘. This is a rock ballad with solid vocals and a really lovely progression.

After that comes ‘Teeth‘ which is by the sub-unit Jungwon, Heeseung, Sunwoo and Nikki. We’re going for a blend of rock and electronica which is honestly a wild ride. I thoroughly enjoyed this. The high vocals in the backing track were awesome as were the guitars. The bridge is insane and I love it!

Lucifer‘ is by Jay, Jake and Sunghoon and they’re bringing neo-soul which is honestly not a genre I was expecting. They threw in some R&B and created a very contemporary, solid listen.

The closing track is ‘Scream’. This indie pop track has a great tempo and I liked the vocal stacking. According to the album description this is “filled with the aspirations of boys who constantly cross the boundaries of the world between human and vampire identities, pledging to keep moving forward even when they fall and get hurt.”

Go ahead and listen to ‘MEMORABILIA’ by ENHYPEN here.

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