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[Review] KIM JAE HWAN – I Adore

KIM JAE-HWAN is back with his seventh mini-album ‘I Adore‘. This release is described as a collection of stories he kept in his heart and wants to share with the fans who have supported him thus far. The concept is utterly adorable, let’s dive right into the music!

I Adore

What‘ serves as the opener of this mini-album. The band instrumentals in this song are incredible, very groovy and soulful. This track only gets better with its fantastic vocal layering and lovely pace changes, a SOLID start for this release.

The title track ‘Amaid‘ produced by the legendary Dynamic Duo and Padi takes over next. This collaboration only guarantees a total hit, and we indeed get to listen a strong single with an amazing mix of beats, trendy vibes, and a smooth R&B/POP driven track. The full concept, sound and instrumentals are incredible and Jae-Hwan pulls it off flawlessly. For the music video we get to appreciate clean aesthetics, amazing camera work and seamless transitions, watch it below.

Truth or Dare‘ comes up next and brings with it a darker concept with insane instrumentation and an amazing use of pauses and acoustics. This song is absolutely incredible, but the expected strong vocals and a very unique sound.

We get a touch of groove with ‘Leave me alone‘, this single plays off with an excellent mix of instrumental and EDM beats that makes it a very fun listen, it will have you vibing and dancing to it. Acoustics take over in the ballad ‘For Your Soul‘, the piano in this song is totally breathtaking, and the vocals take listeners into a musical journey full in emotions and feels.

This mini-album reaches its end with the single ‘Ponytail‘, pre-release at the beginning of this year, this song is packed in groove, insane vocals and excellent vibes. The perfect end!

Kim Jae Hwan releases another solid mini-album, packed with incredible song and a genre diversity that makes it a total musical gem. Enjoy this release here.

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