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[Review] ZEROBASEONE – You had me at HELLO

ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) released new music in their third mini-album ‘You had me at HELLO‘. This release includes seven new singles that we are sure will have listeners even more smitten with this group’s talent.

Since their debut, only last year, this group’s accomplishments have only continue to grow, they achieved the Rookie Grand Slam during the award season, successfully debuted in Japan with the single album ‘Yura Yura‘, and have already become million sellers with their two first mini-album ‘YOUTH IN THE SHADE‘ and ‘MELTING POINT‘.

The buzz around ZB1 continues to swell, with anticipation reaching fever pitch for this mini-album. Now, it’s time to dive into the music and see if it lives up to the hype!

You had me at HELLO

Solar POWER‘ kicks-off this release with a powerful bass that slowly evolves into a super dope experimental song with interesting mixing, the vocals and rapping in this song are fantastic. They keep it fun with sharp notes and a touch of breathiness. This track goes off strong with a addictive flow that will have listeners totally hooked to this EP.

The title track ‘Feel the POP‘ takes over next and delivers a song that can only be described as fresh, cute and very summery. This track evolves with an EDM arrangement that is full of refreshing rhythms and an instrumental riff that feels like fairy tale.

The music video only adds to the feelings of freedom and rainbows that come with this song, including super fun CGI, incredible dancing, and styling choices that are very different from each-other but somehow make complete sense and add a fascinating contrast. Watch it below.

ZB1 goes full on R&B mode with ‘Dear ECLIPSE‘, with this track they are expanding their already SOLID discography with smooth beats and fantastic vocal play that adds a lot more feel to this song. The bridge in this track is absolutely epic, combining Gyuvin, Mathew and Zhang Hao singing to elevate the vibes.

The pre-released track ‘SWEAT‘ is next, we are still obsessed with this song and every listen feels like a refreshing drink in a hot summer day.

Sunday RIDE‘ takes over next with a light-hearted and cheerful rhythm, it really feels like the perfect track to add to a ‘car drive’ playlist, packed with cute (and powerful) vocals, definitely a LOVELY listen.

ZB1 turns to Vocal-baseone in ‘HELLO‘, the emotions run HIGH in this song with beautiful singing that hit in right in the heart and instrumentals that only complement it and make it stronger, the bridge in this single is beautifully done and delivers the passion and feelings behind it.

Finally, the sped up version of ‘Feel the POP’ marks the end of this mini-album.

Rounding it up!

ZEROBASEONE once again delivered the goods with another stellar mini-album, meeting expectations head-on with their signature style and flair, a total non-skip. They are definitely building one strong discography and we are excited to see how this group keeps on growing.

Enjoy the musical ride this release took us through here.

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