Photo Credits: I WILL MEDIA

YOOK SUNGJAE shares magic and power in ‘EXHIBITION: Look Close’

BtoB’s YOOK SUNGJAE is back with a new single album to bless us with his insane singing and charismatic personality. ‘EXHIBITION: Look Closely‘ is the name of this release and the the looks of its concept, it’ll take us into a total listening and visual trip. Let’s check the music!

BE SOMEBODY‘ kicks off this release with an indie pop and rock mix with great instrumentals, this title song goes off hard with the incredible vocals we expect from Sungjae, and he totally delivers. The music video for this song is a visual trip, the art, performers, transitions and camera work totally elevate the feel of this song. Witness this production below.

Next up is ‘Without You‘ playing off next with a very vibey and unique arrangement, the vocals in this one are not only powerful but also full of angst, the rock/pop and even hip-hop mixing is fantastic, and the build ups packed in emotions!

Last in this single album is ‘The Ghost‘, this song goes hard on synth and feelings, genre-wise it falls into the alternative ballad genre, definitely a very unexpected style and he pours his soul in every second, definitely a legendary way to close this single album.

SUNGJAE deliver a solid listen in this single album, every song is unique, fun and packed with incredible single and a lot of feel. Check this release here.

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