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[Review] King the Land

In this week’s drama review we are going back to one of our OG genres, with comedy and romance meeting enemies to lovers. Let’s dive into the JTBC production ‘King the Land‘.

King the Land

Directed by Im Hyun-Wook and written by Choi Rom, ‘King the Land‘ tell the story of enemies, turned friends, turned lovers, and the very unexpected circumstances in which their relationship develops.

Cheon Sa-Rang (Lim Yoon-A) has always dreamt to work at King Hotel, after a lot of effort she manages to start her dream job, however, she needs to work her way up until she is able to work as concierge. During her first week at the hotel she coincidentally meets Gu Won (Lee Joon-Ho), who she believes is a rude customer and decide to teach him a small lesson.

After a very rocky start, Sa-Rang and Gu Won meet again after a few years, she is the now the best talent at King Hotel, and he is ready to start off his job.

Sa-Rang soon finds out that Gu Won is none other than the heir of the hotel, and the new manager at the exclusive branch she was transferred to, as the best talent she has to work closely with him in advertisements for the hotel, making their already complicated relationship rather challenging.

Love sparks

Gu Won realises he has a crush on Sa-Rang, but his inexperience in relationships makes him act rather awkwardly, his aways to approach her are rather clumsy, and as they aren’t in friendly terms either, it becomes increasingly challenging for him to express his feelings without Sa-Rang believing it’s a simple boss-employee relationship.

While dealing with his feelings, he is also increasingly noticing the management issues running in the hotel, how poorly some employees are treated, and how the targets in sales keep increasing without proper compensation. He tries to learn more about the business and make sure he looks after his employees, however, his step-sister is ready to put on a fight and not let him get in her way.

Strong Friendships

King the Land‘ is a rom-com that not only navigates the relationship between the two of them, but also dives into the life of these two as individuals. Viewers get to see the deep friendship Sa-Rang has with two of her best friends and how throughout the years they have been like a family.

Likewise, Gu-Won is able to keep his life on track with the help of his best friend and assistant, who would do anything to keep him safe and happy.

This series is available on Netflix, make sure to check it out for light romance, and wholesome relationship. Watch the trailer below.

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