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[Review] In Dream

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched the indie film ‘In Dream’.

‘In Dream’ is a movie that came out last year, in 2023 and follows the story of Hong-Hwa. The film was written by Lee Ji-Wook and directed by Shin Jai-Ho. It’s a murder mystery with a film noir vibe.

Hong-Hwa, portrayed by Seo Hyo-lim, is an insomniac who’s been going through a rough couple of years. Her father’s been in a coma for several years, her neighbours are annoying and loud and there’s a pervert coming around when she’s working a shift in the convenience store.

Because of the high hospital bills, she’s been partaking in a clinical trial for a new sleep medicine. Since taking the medicine, Hong-Hwa has something like a lucid dream where she can visit other people in their dreams.

After her best friend’s disappearance she tries to help the detective on the serial killer’s case to find her. However, the serial killer is also able to visit others’ dreams, which makes it all the more complicated.


‘In Dream’ is an interesting film with good performances and a cool premise. I liked all the different twists and turns and the constant question of dream and reality.

However, the pacing is a bit off. The first half of the film took a while to set up the story before it really took off.

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