B-)AND | #3 ‘we hate jh’, the band that sings songs of empathy for youth in the uncertain times

B-)AND #3 Band ‘we hate jh’

‘we hate jh’ is the third team ‘B-)AND’ presents.

Band ‘we hate jh’ started in 2013 as a solo acoustic project of Park Juhyun. The band now consists of 4 members, Park Juhyun(vocalist/guitarist), Ra Iljun(guitarist), Seo Youngkyo(bassist) and Lee Sanggeun(drummer).

Over the past 10 years since debut, the band has proved their musicality through various auditions such as EBS ‘Hello Rookie’, Korea Creative Content Agency’s ‘K-Rookies’ and ‘CJ Azit’, leaving a strong impression on many listeners through their albums and performances.

Based on the Emo genre, which is somewhat unfamiliar in Korea, we hate jh is presenting lively and rough music for the youth.

* Emo

: Part of rock music derived from hardcore punk. ‘Emo’ means ‘adolescent sensibility’ here. This term is broadly used in music, trends, fashion and personality, and refers to the characteristic of expressing one’s own emotion in this culture.

Band ‘we hate jh’ is nicknamed as a “rare domestic emo band”, so if it’s your first time in the emo genre, it’s a good idea to feel the emo music by listening to we hate jh’s. 

The members of the 11-year-old band have diverse backgrounds. First of all, the lead vocalist Park Juhyun(a.k.a. hate park) continued his musical activities with two bands ‘Smiles of a Summer Night’, ‘isnotequalto’, during the hiatus of we hate jh.

Smiles of a Summer Night

The four-piece band that presents the 2000s US alternative rock style. The most popular song is ‘Puzzle’ from the self-titled album, released in August 31, 2017.

Smiles of a Summer Night – Puzzle


Park Juhyun’s Emo rock solo project that started with ‘install.exe’, in which 18 sessions have participated. The most popular song is ‘not even close’, released in June 12, 2022.

isnotequalto – not even close

Also, drummer Lee Sanggeun is playing drums in the synth pop band ‘ultramodernista’.

‘Finding a new way’, we hate jh’s second EP [divert]

Release Date | 2016.10.18

The EP [divert], which consists of a total of 4 tracks, including the title song ‘asphalt’, expresses the desire to escape from a monotonous life. It’s even more powerful than ever, as the band matures, by combining the emo trend, pop melody, and math rock elements.

we hate jh – asphalt

After receiving great response from the listeners after releasing [divert], we hate jh appears on Naver Onstage.

[ONSTAGE] When love meets hate / 322. we hate jh

we hate jh – cinema

Back in 7 years, we hate jh’s single [Go 4]

Release Date | 2023.05.11

‘we hate jh’, which has been on hiatus for a long time after [divert], broke its long hiatus in 2023, releasing [Go 4] after 7 years.

As the album title suggests, the fast-paced instrumental performance and the sound filled with acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and drums represents the youth, running.

we hate jh – Go 4

we hate jh’s music itself, EP [Diving]

Release Date | 2023.10.18

[Diving] is an album like a gift for those who remember we hate jh, celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut. It’s sort of a pledge to the fans who have been with the band for a long time.

we hate jh – Non-Swimmer

‘For you, who will shine someday’, single [JOYRIDE]

Release Date | 2024.03.18

we hate jh’s signature Emo sound and the lyrics that resembles of green summer makes a perfect anthem for the youth.

we hate jh – JOYRIDE

‘we hate jh’, the band that still sings about youth even after a long time has passed.

We truly hope that their music will continue to run and breathe together on the youth’s racing track.

ABOUT we hate jh

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