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[Webtoon] Villain with a Crush

We’re back with a new Webtoon recommendation, and this week we’re reading ‘Villain with a Crush’ by seyoon. It’s an action rom-com, about an accidental ‘villain’ and her desperate crush on the country’s No. 1 hero. This series really leans into the silliness, and will have you giggling from the start.

Villain with a Crush

Rejected after confessing to her first crush of three years, Rosa Park falls for her second immediately after, when the nation’s favorite Superpowered Police Officer, Doryeong Han, swoops in to save her as she’s plummeting from a toppling building. A few years later, a mysterious villain called Blackdog appears, but Doryeong notices something is not quite right. Will the world’s worst villain ever win the heart of the strongest hero in the country?

The verdict

Rosa’s powers manifest a bit late, and lacking any sort of training or control, coupled with her natural tendency towards idiocy, accidentally land her the title of ‘villain’. Meanwhile, all she’s trying to do is confess, but well… She’s not exactly successful in her attempts.

I admit this series cracked me up from the start – it’s so over the top and hilarious. The premise of world with ‘superpowered’ people is not exactly unique, but Rosa is literally a league of her own when it comes to clueless main heroines. Her whole concept manages to be very fresh, and despite the antics, the series so far does not feel repetitive in its comedy. Doryeong is more than his hero persona (and complex), and both are endearing despite initially feeling rather frustrating.

The art is very cool and fitting for a superhero comic with a romance twist, with bright colours and unique character designs. Overall the hilarity plays on the ridiculous premise of just how spectacularly Rosa fails and causes the misunderstandings to escalate, but there’s a solid plot beneath the comedy, and the pacing so far has been very good.

It’s still ongoing, so the jury is out on how well they manage to keep this pace and close the story, but so far, it’s an enjoyable series I’d recommend to anyone looking for a light, fun read.

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