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[Indie Pick] Kontrajelly

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re taking a look at the discography of Kontrajelly. Let’s dive in!


Kontrajelly is a joint project by Kim Yeon-jae, Shin Gwan-yong and Shin Yu-jeong. They debuted in 2015 with the EP ‘Sequence’. This synth album is a dream and such a vibe to listen to. It’s electronica done to its best and even almost ten years later, still a great album.

In 2022 they came back with the single album ‘Lee Kum Kee’. With ‘Rattlesnake’ they went a bit more retro and it’s honestly super fun!

The year after they dropped the single album ‘Unknown’ which explores a more rock sound.

This year they’ve dropped a full-length album ‘Rhetoric’.

Go ahead and listen to their full discography on Spotify here.

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