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[Review] NCT – Golden Age

NCT is back with a new album and an OT20 line-up, for this new release all the members got together to shake the NCity with new music and their unique vibe. With this new era we are also getting NCT U units we have seen before and wanted to see back together.

Let’s dive into this album and see what NCT Dream, NCT 127, WayV and NCT DOJAEJUNG have prepared.

Golden Age

Bringing back one of the debut units, the title single ‘Baggy Jeans‘ reunites Ten, Mark, Taeyong, Doyoung and Jaehyun. With heavy bass and a very driven hip-hop sound, this track is packed with swag, and its arrangement is core NCT, unexpected, powerful and full of surprises. Doyoung and Ten vocals added an unexpected touch that made this single even more surprising.

As if NCTzens couldn’t get more spoiled, the music video pays off with some interesting visual effect, including jeans dancing, the members killing it with their visuals and Ten and Taeyong showing their tattoos along with their torso. This video goes everywhere and we love it. Check it below.

Our dancing duo, Ten and Taeyong reunite in ‘Call D‘, described as “hyper-pop” this single is the perfect mix of their solo music colliding in one song. The playfulness, unique tones, use of silence and full flow of this track is EPIC, it feels incredibly authentic to their sound, and the perfect mix for Ten’s velvety vocals and Taeyong low and raspy tone, a mix made in heaven.

PADO‘ brings together Johnny, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Mark, Xiaojun, Hendery and Haechan, in a hip-hop driven track with fabulous instrumentation. Between the harmonies, amazing vocals and awesome raping this single develops flawlessly, the sax and piano are incredible and it gets better and better with Haechan’s and Xiaojun’s power notes.

Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Jaemin and Chenle bring life to ‘Interlude: Oasis‘, this R&B single includes a very alternative vibe, with a very cool rapping section delivered by Jaemin, and a fascinating arrangement that will make you play this song over and over again.


Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Jungwoo, Hendery, Jeno and Jisung’s vocals and rap meet in ‘The BAT‘, as if NCT music couldn’t get more experimental, they again push limits and make it work with heavy synth, bass and sharp beats. In the song Taeil’s high notes, and Jisung’s and Jeno’s fast delivery are incredibly memorable, this sub-unit did nothing but surprise us in every section of this song, and made it a total ride to listen to.

With ‘Alley Oop‘ we get Yuta, Winwin, Hendery, Jeno, Jaemin, Yangyang and Jisung as a sub-unit in a very energetic hip-hop track. This single is pure power and energy turned music, Yuta and Jisung totally smashed the Bridge in this song and made it ever more powerful.

Mark, Johnny, Ten, Taeyong, Jeno and Yangyang teamed up for ‘That’s Not Fair‘, this single makes this release take a turn with its unique flow, strong harmonies, and dope rapping. The full structure is unique with verse that are carried on purpose to add a laid back vibe that work perfectly with this line-up. This sound is new in the entire NCT world and it is AMAZING.

Acappella opens ‘Kangaroo‘, including Taeil, Kun, Renjun, Yangyang, Chenle and Jisung in the line-up, this single is sweet, fun, playful and full of an adorable spirit that feels cute and worry-free. This unit definitely took us by surprise with the amount of sweetness and wholesomeness in one song. Absolutely adorable.

The vocal line including Taeil, Kun, Ten, Renjun, Xiaojun, Doyoung and Jungwoo get together for ‘Not Your Fault‘. Opening with piano acoustics and low-fi mix, this soft R&B single shows off why the NCT vocal line is one of a kind. The mix of their tones in beautifully composed track add a mellow touch to this release, this unit totally charms listeners with their delivery, and we are left with the lingering and subtle sound of the back harmonies.

Closing off this release in the pre-released single ‘Golden Age‘ including all the members in one EPIC SONG. We have already written about it, check it here.

NCT 2023

NCT 2023 line-up totally delivered a solid album, unlike other years, this one didn’t have the set sub-units, but it definitely gave interesting mixes of line-up and a sound variety that was nothing but AMAZING.

Another legendary comeback, make sure to dive into this release here.

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