The girlies from IVE are back with their latest mini-album ‘IVE SWITCH’. Let’s dive right in!


We start off the mini with the first of two title tracks ‘HEYA’. IVE created their own folktale as a basis for the track which is honestly pretty dope. I wonder if the full folk tale will be shown in the photo album or as part of the visual album.

‘HEYA’ is a fun combination of hip hop, pop and a great chorus. I really enjoyed the vocal layering and the catchy hook. The rap verses were cool additions as well.

‘Accendio’ comes up next with a darker tone. This is the second title track of the EP. We’re going for an 808 beat, with trap drums and cool arpeggio synths. I enjoyed the build up to the chorus. This did not disappoint!

After that comes ‘Blue Heart’. This feels so sophisticated! We’re going for a fast pace and cool synths. The echoey pre-chorus is stunning and the chorus itself is catchy as hell.

‘Ice Queen’ follows along with fantastic vocals. I love the synth riff and the beat change in the chorus. This is a vibe! I’d honestly love to see the choreo for this. The bridge is also lovely!

Next up is ‘WOW’ this is such a cute and cozy track. I like the smaller scale of this and this was such a nice listen. The members’ vocals were great and I would love to hear an acoustic version of this. This is adorable.

‘Reset’ closes off the album with an Afro beat and a dance party. This is such a vibe and the bridge is superb! I love this so much!

Overall ‘IVE SWITCH’ is a great mini-album with a lot of really cool tracks. Go ahead and check it out here on Spotify.

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