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[Review] My Man Is Cupid

In this edition of our drama review, prepare to be enchanted by the whimsical world of ‘My Man Is Cupid‘, where fantasy, destiny, and love intertwine to create a heartwarming romantic comedy that will leave you smiling.

Written by Heo Sung-hee and brought to life by director Nam Tae-jin, ‘My Man Is Cupid‘ transports viewers into the realm of Cupids of Love, who have dedicated 500 years to guiding people on their quest for love.

The tale begins five centuries ago when the love fairy Cheon Sang-Hyuk (Jang Dong-Yoon) accidentally strikes himself with his own arrow, igniting an unexpected love for a woman bound by destiny to a king in the Joseon Dynasty. Determined to win her heart, Sang-Hyuk embarks on a journey of self-discovery, sacrificing his own wings in pursuit of love’s embrace.

Accepting destiny

Fast forward to the present day, where Sang-Hyuk encounters Oh Baek-Ryeon (Nana), the reincarnation of his past love. Baek-Ryeon, a charming veterinarian renowned for her beauty and infamous bad luck in love, finds herself unwittingly entangled in a murder case. As Sang-Hyuk, now a protector and former cop, comes to her aid, Baek-Ryeon interprets his actions as romantic gestures, sparking a delightful yet complicated dynamic between the two.

As Sang-Hyuk grapples with his duties as a cupid and the blossoming emotions he harbors for Baek-Ryeon, ‘My Man Is Cupid‘ unfolds into a captivating rom-com filled with mystery, thrills, and, of course, romance.

Cupid of Love

The chemistry between Nana and Dong Yoon is palpable, infusing the screen with genuine warmth and charm. With each episode, the cast delivers impeccable character development, seamlessly blending humor and heartfelt moments that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Escape into the enchanting world of ‘My Man Is Cupid‘, available on Amazon Prime. Don’t miss out on this unique and delightful romantic comedy—watch the trailer below to get a glimpse of the magic that awaits.

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