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The boys from SEVENTEEN are back with their new full-length album ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’. This is a compilation album of their best releases of the past nine years and four brand new tracks. Let’s dive in!


We start off with the new title track ‘MAESTRO’. This is such a sick track. I love the piano opening which switches to full groove with the bass. Then only to switch back to proper techno. It’s insane, and honestly something only SEVENTEEN can pull off. According to the album description seven of their previous title tracks are sampled in the instrumentation.

You simply have to turn on the captions, for the full experience. The meaning is really beautiful and heartwarming.

Next up is ‘LALALI’ which is by the Hip-Hop sub-unit. We’re going aggressive EDM with this one and it’s a vibe! The boys go hard and I’m obsessed by the samples in the chorus. This is literally so fun!

‘Spell’ follows along with dreamy synths and vocals by the Performance Unit. The boys are casting a spell on us to appreciate ocean views and a relaxed vibe. It’s lovely.

We’re going J-rock with ‘Cheers to youth’ which was not where I was expecting this track to go. This is so wholesome, I can’t. I love their harmonies together, it’s something I’ll never get tired of. The guitars were really popping off here, which in combination with the piano was lovely!

This album contains a whopping 33 tracks in total, so I’ll just list the others.

  • CALL CALL CALL! (Korean version)
  • Happy Ending (Korean version)
  • Fallin’ Flower (Korean version)
  • 24H (Korean version)
  • Not Alone (Korean version)
  • Power of Love (Korean version)
  • DREAM (Korean version)
  • Ima – Even if the world ends tomorrow (Korean version)
  • Adore U
  • Pretty U
  • Don’t Wanna Cry
  • CLAP
  • Oh My!
  • Home
  • Fear
  • Left & Right
  • Ready to love
  • Rock with you
  • HOT
  • _WORLD
  • F*ck My Life
  • Super
  • God of Music
  • Adore U (Inst.)

You can listen to ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ by SEVENTEEN on Spotify here.

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