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[Review] Hello, Me!

We are going to the future, remembering the past and forgiving ourselves altogether in this week’s drama review. Let’s talk about the 2021 KBS2 production ‘Hello, Me!’.

Directed by Lee Hyun Suk, and written by Yoo Song Yi, ‘Hello, Me!’ tells the story of Ban Ha Ni (Choi Kang-hee). The 37-year old woman who seems to have lost faith in life, as her younger self she used to be fearless, bubbly and bound to success, however, unfortunate events turned Ha Ni insecure and rather sad. Nevertheless she kept being hopeful.

At her job, Ban Ha Ni faces big difficulties leading to her getting dismissed and also mistakenly involved in legal issues that lead her to a brief time in custody at the police station. There she meets Han Yoo Hyun (Kim Young Kwang), a laid back guy who despite being spoiled by his father is also kindhearted and very energetic.

These two characters cross paths in the most unlikely way, but end up becoming properly acquainted after Yoo Hyun becomes indebted to Ha-ni. 

Hello, past me

Whenever life seems to hit rock bottom, Ha Ni is struck by a new life event. Her old self appears in her present, and she starts to remember the person she was before her life changed. Young Ban Ha-ni (Lee Re), is full of energy, very confident and truly believes in herself.

Ha-ni is reminded of how life used to be, and tries to see it with a new light. She is struck by luck, and ends up working in a very important firm, where she, once again starts believing in herself and becoming more positive about her life.

Healing Journey

Present Ha Ni, starts a journey of forgiveness and acceptance when her old self is in her times. She reflects on the person she was and the person she is, making it a very important plot point, as Ha-ni starts to make small changes to change her life positively. 

However, these are happening with difficulty as young Ha Ni is mischievous and really wants to explore the future. She gets entangled in a lot of situations that make present Ha Ni’s life rather difficult. 

Both young and present Ha Ni embark on a journey of discovery, growth and forgiveness. Her younger version becomes more mature and less unpredictable, and the present Ha Ni can finally move on with her life without being tied to the tragedies of her past. 

Hello, Me!’ is all about new starts, forgiveness and growth. This drama doesn’t develop around romance even though viewers can see the relationship between Ha-ni and Yoo Hyun developing, but rather about life, its ups and downs, and how people can learn from it. It also has a touch of comedy. 

Most of the characters in the drama have great development, and they shine by themselves with their stories and incredible acting. 

If you are up for a healing drama ‘Hello, Me!’ is out there with a unique plot, great acting, heartfelt moments and a touch of comedy. 

You can watch it on Netflix, and check the trailer below. 

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