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[Review] Maybe We Broke-Up

In this week’s drama review, we delve into the poignant narrative of the 2023 film ‘Maybe We Broke Up‘, a slice-of-life movie that captivates with its raw portrayals and authentic storytelling.

Written and directed by Hyung Seul Woo, ‘Maybe We Broke Up‘ shares the journey of two college best friends-turned-couple who navigate the complexities of love and relationships.

Ah Young (Jung Eun Chae), a former painter turned real estate agent, and her boyfriend Jun Ho (Lee Dong Hwi), who struggles with exams while working as a delivery man, have shared a life together for years. However, as the years pass, Ah Young becomes increasingly frustrated with Jun Ho’s lack of progress in his career aspirations.

Tensions come to a head when Ah Young discovers Jun Ho lying about studying while indulging in video games with a friend, leading to a heated argument and their inevitable breakup.

As they navigate life as singles once again, Ah Young and Jun Ho embark on separate journeys of self-discovery. Ah Young explores blind dates while Jun Ho takes up a part-time job at a BBQ restaurant. Despite the initial challenges of moving on, both characters gradually open themselves up to new friendships and potential love interests, striving to break free from old habits and find happiness anew.

Maybe We Broke Up‘ offers a candid portrayal of relationships reaching their natural end, highlighting the relatable journey of growth and self-reflection experienced by its characters.

With its stellar cast, led by Jung Eun Chae and Lee Dong Hwi, and stunning cinematography, ‘Maybe We Broke Up’ provides viewers with an effortlessly engaging cinematic experience. Whether you’re seeking heartfelt moments or simply a captivating story, this movie delivers on all fronts.

Available on Viki, ‘Maybe We Broke Up‘ is a must-watch for fans of light hearted storytelling and human experiences. Check out the trailer below. 

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