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SF9 is back with their 10th mini-album ‘RUMINATION‘. These guys have really been working hard this year, first was their participation in ‘KINGDOM‘, then the EP ‘TURN OVER‘ with the legendary track ‘Tear Drop’.

They have been releasing a lot of content besides the members acting gigs. The members never stop and fans are blessed. Let’s dive right into the music and check what they are bringing this time.


The EP starts off with the title track ‘Trauma‘, this single brings a mix of R&B with EDM beats and has a rather sexy vibe. The vocals in this song are heavenly and I really liked how each member of the rap line decided to add their own special touch to their verse.

For the music video as expected we get SF9 members’ visuals from every corner, with some seriously stunning model-like shots. The choreography is super cool and I am particularly looking forward to see them performing with the chairs shown in the MV. Watch it below.

We go onto ‘Memory‘ a ballad-ish single with heavy bass and a lovely musicality. The rap-line stood out for me in this track with their almost airy delivery, it was like a whisper. With a more energetic beat and a very trendy arrangement, ‘Dreams‘ plays next. The vocal line really gives it all in this track and they kill it with their falsettos and high notes.

Gentleman‘ tags along with a very summer-like tempo that had me dancing to it since the start. This song feels like a party song and I really liked it.

Next is the sub-unit formed by Youngbin and Inseong in the track ‘On And On‘. I loved everything about this track, it is super smooth and I loved the R&B style they went for for this single. Big shoutout to Inseong, his vocals are insane in this single and the ad-libs perfection.

We change to the more energetic song ‘Scenario‘ with an EDM arrangement and a lovely balanced between vocals and rapping. The bridge is my personal highlight for this track, the high note was flawless and had me shook.

Last on this EP is ‘For Fantasy‘, this song is beyond wholesome, is super cute and has a lovely orchestration. With this song SF9 is expressing their gratitude to the fans and it is adorable.

Make sure to listen to this release here.

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