Photo Credits: TNK Entertainment

[Review] PICKUS – Little Prince

PICKUS is the latest boy group under TNK Entertainment. Consisting of RickyMingeunKotaroHyeonseungYura, and Nam Son, this group was created through the survival shows FAN PICK.

Their debut release ‘Little Prince’, is kicking off their career in KPOP, let’s have a look and check what they have prepared.

Little Prince

Starting off with the title track with the same name as this release, this release begins on a very familiar note with a small section of the popular children song ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’, this track evolves and turn is a cool and vibrant single with great vocals and a fantastic synth line. For the music video the members go-off to show their dance skills, the concept is simple but cool, and shows the members’ to perfection. Check it below.

Wolf‘ follows-up with rather tropical feel and a refreshing vibe. The arrangement in this single is quite interesting, with a sharp sectioning that makes the vocal and rap-line shine with their sharp delivery.

Last in this debut release is ‘A-CHA!‘ coming along with fun and playful beats that had us totally jamming to it. This single is very cute, refreshing and full of cheerful tunes. Definitely the perfect end for this release.

We are excited to check what is coming next for this rookies group. Int he meanwhile, make sure to listen tot his release here.

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