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[Review] Doyoung – YOUTH

NCT’s vocalist Doyoung is debuting solo with his first album ‘YOUTH’. He is extremely well-known for his incredible talent, heavenly vocals and soulful singing. This album is described as a work that will takes listeners through emotions, singing about the his story of youth.

We are expecting a mix of genres, and his unmatched vocal power. Let’s dive into this listening journey.


Beginning‘ start this album with a soft piano instrumentation, and a wonderful build up of instrumental that makes it a stunning listen. Doyoung wrote and co-composed this song and it only makes it even more perfect opening song.

The title track ‘Little Light‘ follows with a band driven sound and very delicate but playful singing. This single has serious OST vibes, with a hopeful feel to it and beautiful composition. For the music video, he shows his best acting skills, in a production that brings a story of adventure and the search of memories. Watch it below.

Soft rock takes over in ‘From Little Wave‘, the guitar and drums in this song are incredible, and add depth and even more emotion to his singing. Moving on we get ‘Time Machine‘ featuring Taeyeon and Mark, this single is ticks all the characteristics of a SM STATION single, with a medium-pop tempo, harmonies, and beautiful instrumentation, the acoustic guitar totally delivers and makes this song emotional and full of soul.

Serenade‘ surprises listeners with an R&B tempo, serious indie vibes, and Doyoung being cool but emotional in every single line. This song indeed feels like a serenade.

The Emotions of Youth

The second half of this album starts with ‘Rewind‘, a ballad that is all about feelings and piano acoustics, a mix that will have more than one tearing up. It flows on a more minimalistic concept that makes it super rich musically and emotional.

Warmth‘ keeps the emotions flowing in a single with warm and very delicate orchestration, insane vocals, with falsettos and his very characteristic unique tonality that had us absolutely captivated.

A very interesting arrangement comes along in ‘Lost In California‘, and it definitely leaves and strong impression with an excellent use of silences and amazing vocal layering. ‘Rest‘ brings back the OST vibes but in this occasion with a very refreshing band sound and Doyoung showing off his vocal power.

This release closes with the song ‘Dallas Love Field‘, in a pop-rock mix with an unique style. It is definitely very new and fresh, and includes a great vocal build-up and a lot of passion, showing a completely new vibe and sound by him.

Doyoung’s ‘YOUTH‘ is indeed full of emotions. This release is a very pretty listening that takes listener through different moods and a lot of feels. Make sure to check it out here.

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