Photo credits: TIOT

[Review] TIOT – Kick-START

TIOT is back with their second mini-album ‘Kick-START’, they released their pre-debut last year, but they finally ready with their official debut ‘KICK-START’. Let’s dive in!


We start off wtih the track ‘Goosebumps‘ which opens up with a really cool electric guitar. This blends rock and hip-hop with the deep bassline and deep rapping. The chorus is fun and catchy. The entire song is pretty impressive!

Next up is the title track ‘ROCK THANG’. This is vibey, fun and catchy. The pre-chorus is amazing and honeslty this is just a great track! The bass goes wild in this and I like the little sample they’re using throughout the full track.

‘Moonrise’ comes along next. This was a pre-release and came out two weeks ago.

‘Paradise’ is a softer pop rock moment. I enjoyed this part of the album description: “TIOT delivers a bit of rest and warm comfort to young people who are tired of everyday life.”

The closing track is ‘Baby Shark’. This is a trap based track with the hook of the popular song ‘Baby Shark’. It’s adorable, a fun listen and quite refreshing.

Overall TIOT did a great job with ‘Kick-START’. Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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