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[Review] YUQI – YUQ1

YUQI is back with her mini-album ‘YUQ1’. We’re super stoked as we’re big fans of (G)I-DLE and we saw them this weekend in Brussels during Music Bank. Let’s dive in!


We start off with the title track ‘FREAK’. This is such a fun title track! It’s a pop rock single with a bit of a Bossa Nova rhythm. It’s fully in English including a rap break, and it’s hilarious and fun and honestly just a good time!

‘My Way’ is up next and was co-written and co-composed by Yuqi. I enjoyed this line from the album description: “The sound of vintage analog synth instruments paints a picture of a tomorrow full of hope.”

After that comes ‘Drink It Up’ featuring pH-1. This is a laidback track with a bit of an R&B vibe. I liked the guitar riff in the backing track as well as Yuqi’s deep melodic voice. The feature was a great addition.

‘Red Rover’ is up next. This disco vibe is a really cool moment! The pre-chorus is sick! The bass is definitely having a good time in this and it creates a really vibey track that is such a great listen. It’s a shame it’s so short.

I literally was so excited for this collab! None other than Lexie Liu is the feature on ‘On Clap’. We’re going for full swagger on this. The beat is sick and I love the vibe and the samples they added. I just wish it was longer, because it clocks in just under two minutes.

Next up is ‘Everytime’ featuring Minnie. We’re going emo pop with this one and the track speaks of a lovely youth. It’s adorable, warm and very melodic. This is wholesome!

Closing the album off is the pre-released ‘Could it be’.

Go listen to ‘YUQ1’ by YUQI on Spotify here.

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