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Dance Choreo You Should Watch: Solar (Mamamoo) – Double Pole Dance

First of all, Mamamoo is amazing and incredible and I’m totally a Moomoo.

Though they’re incredible at singing and harmonizing, they’re not exactly known for their dancing prowess. When they’re all together the focus is obviously on the singing and rapping. But that doesn’t mean they can’t dance.

A fact that Moonbyul has proven during her performance for the Korean Variety Show ‘Queendom’.

For this Dance Choreo You should watch, I want to put the leader of Mamamoo in the spotlight. Solar is incredible. The reason that she is, is for her dedication to pole dancing.

She started off learning pole dancing for the ‘Egotistic’ music video and she just kept going at it. She had her performance at MAMA 2018 which was a work of art. If you’d like to view this work of art you can click here.

Though for this article I want to talk about her video on her own YouTube channel. Here she is together with her instructor and they’re pole dancing together with one pole.

I’m just amazed at the amount of coordination and practice that must have gone into this.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate hard work? Also the amount of muscle that goes into lugging yourself up a pole like that. Upper body strength for the win.

Take a look for yourself!

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